National Plan 2015-2017

Every four years, ATD Fourth World members choose a set of common ambitions to guide the work of our members and teams worldwide. These ambitions unify the diverse initiatives taking place and foster collaboration with friends and partners. The Common Ambitions for 2013-2017 are based on evaluation of our work around the world, exchanges between members in different countries, and participatory research on the correlation between poverty, violence, and peace (2008-2012).

In the United States, our national planning process invited members across the country to evaluate, envision, and inform the national priorities within the context of the Common Ambitions. Three national priorities emerged: Education, the Justice System, and Project Evaluation. These three priorities overlap with and reinforce ongoing local and national initiatives that remain central to our planning. This document serves to inform the public of our national work over the next three years, invite members nationwide to contribute time or knowledge to our national and local priorities, and assist members in Boston, New York City, the Appalachian Region, northwestern New Mexico, Chicago, and New Orleans to complete their local planning efforts.