Adopt a Street Library this giving season!

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Who inspired you to love to read? Do you recall a time when someone helped you discover the joy of reading? How did you learn to appreciate books? Jeremy, from Street Library in Brownsville, Brooklyn, said “I like reading fantasy because it opens my mind up. Ms. Douglass, my kindergarten teacher, taught me to love reading. I didn’t like reading before being in her class, then she started reading to us.”

By bringing books and creative activities into under-resourced neighborhoods every week, Street Library becomes a setting where imagination, curiosity, and a love of reading can be nourished and grow. Donate this giving season so Jeremy and hundreds of other children can read and be inspired by books throughout another year at Street Library!

Two ways to get involved

1. Share on social media who inspired you to love reading

Post a photo of yourself on Facebook with your favorite book, answer the question below, and add the following phrases: “I support Street Library which inspires children to love to read. Join me: #LoveReading”

Tag another person and ask them the same question and to join you in this campaign!

Question: Who inspired you to love to read?
Tell about why or a time you remember reading with this person.

Here’s an example: My 3rd grade teacher was enthusiastic about reading. She introduced the “Magic Tree House” book series, and it opened up a whole new world full of magic and adventures to me! I couldn’t fall asleep because I kept imagining what would happen on the next page. That’s why I support Street Library which inspires children to read. Join me: #LoveReading @Maria Sandvik (Friend’s name), share who inspired you to love to read!

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If you’re unfamiliar with social media, please send your text and photo to We’ll share your story on ATD Fourth World Facebook Page!

2. Donate

Tuesday, November 28th, is #GivingTuesday, a global day when charities, families, businesses, and communities come together to celebrate generosity and to give. We invite you to adopt a Street Library by donating to ATD Fourth World here! Donations go directly to Street Library programs in the United States.

You will receive news about Street Libraries and families who are part of them throughout 2018. You can also adopt a Street Library in the name of a friend, family member, teacher, librarian, and others as a gift. We’ll let them know of your gift and send them the news too!

We hope that you will join us in spreading a joy of reading and in helping children’s imagination to grow in the communities where there are few resources or opportunities.