Join Us

Besides its full-time Volunteer Corps members, ATD Fourth World relies on a network of supporters who serve as bridges between people trapped in extreme poverty and the rest of society. They learn what life is like for the poor and share that knowledge with people in their professions and communities. They bring to our movement their knowledge of efforts to overcome poverty and work at building alliances with individuals and institutions concerned by poverty. They organize local chapters to monitor the evolution of poverty in their areas, speak out when human rights of the poorest are not respected, and participate in ATD Fourth World’s campaigns. Their financial contributions are the principal income of the ATD Fourth World Movement.

Contribute financially.

•    Make a one-time or recurring donation
•    Organize fundraising events
•    Sell our publications and greeting cards
•    All contributions are tax-deductible

Take part in ATD Fourth World activities.

•    Contact our team in your area and participate in Fourth World projects and special events
•    Volunteer at ATD Fourth World offices and manual work projects

Help Raise Awareness.

•    Join our mailing list to collect and send information about poverty in your area
•    Publicize ATD Fourth World approach by organizing gatherings and selling publications

For more information, feel free to get in touch with us!