General Requirements

Applicants must be 20 years or older, have a high school diploma or GED, and at least one year’s work or college experience. Older applicants and applicants considering a career change are welcome! At this time we only accept applications for internships from US residents.

A Sense of Community

Living and working with full-time Volunteer Corps members at ATD Fourth World centers means that the responsibilities inherent in group living are a component of the internship experience and training.

An Approach to Combating Poverty

Introduction and training occur through a program of reading, research, videos, and discussions, as well as manual work (minor construction and renovation), special project work, regular administrative tasks, daily journal writing, and on-going evaluations.

Exposure to Impoverished Communities

Interns take part in ATD Fourth World activities with children and families living in poverty or volunteer part-time with partner organizations working with people in poverty.

Discovering a Commitment

Understanding who comprises ATD Fourth World is as important as learning what ATD Fourth World does. Through encounters with Volunteer Corps members and supporters from diverse backgrounds, interns will discover the common commitment which fuels this people-centered movement.

10553476_736837503040348_4026237124026522990_nTrainee Volunteer Corps Members

After the 3-month internship, an individual’s joining the Fourth World Movement Volunteer Corps for a minimum commitment of nine months is a mutual decision between full-time team members and the individual. Of some 450 Volunteer Corps members, two-thirds have been involved for more than 5 years. About 10 percent have continued their commitment for twenty years or more.

Becoming a Fourth World Movement Volunteer Corps member is an agreement to be flexible and available to be of service where Fourth World Movement teams have the most need. An individual’s skills and interests, team dynamics, as well as what might best allow him/her to nurture a greater understanding of and commitment to struggling families are considerations for assignments. First assignments are always within North America (Montreal, Boston, Appalachia, New York, Gallup NM, or New Orleans).

Practical Details

The Application Process: Completed application form, 3 references, interview, and/or visit to a FWM team.

The Internship: 3 months, full-time. Minimal living stipend ($200/month) and housing provided. Interns pay food and personal expenses. We urge motivated applicants to contact us with any concerns regarding the financial aspects of the internship program.

Important: The history and spirit of the Fourth World Movement Volunteer Corps are such that members feel responsible for keeping expenses to a minimum and for helping find and contribute the necessary funds for programs and living costs. Monthly stipends reflect our solidarity with struggling families and individuals and our desire to live a simple lifestyle.

For more information: send an email indicating your name and the city and state you live in. Please add a little bit about yourself and what has attracted you to ATD Fourth World. Inquiries should be sent to