Volunteering with ATD Fourth World

ATD Fourth World offers hands-on opportunities for involvement to individuals interested in our work and approach. These include: volunteering on a weekly or monthly basis; flexible internships; and full-time, long-term engagement through our International Volunteer corps. Involvement begins with volunteering with one of our teams, and may lead to an internship or trainee Volunteer Corps experience.

General Requirements

10553476_736837503040348_4026237124026522990_nVolunteers must be 19 years or older, and have at least one year’s work or college experience. Older volunteers and those considering a career change are welcome! Individuals interested in volunteering with one of our teams must live close to a team: New York City; Gallup, NM; Dickenson County, VA; and New Orleans, LA.

Are you an interested individual who does not live close to one of our teams? Depending on your interests and skills, we may have volunteering opportunities at a distance (e.g. editing articles for publication, translations between English and a second language, sharing stories and current events related to poverty from your community, etc.)

Is ATD Fourth World the right volunteering experience for you?

Do you find you have a heart for disadvantaged communities?

Are you passionate about social justice?

Do you enjoy being involved in a variety of tasks and experiences in a given day?

Are you as eager to learn as to help?

Do you love meeting people from different backgrounds and experiences?

Are you looking to invest yourself in something meaningful, beyond a 9 to 5 job?

Are you inspired to grow and learn among other like-minded individuals connected to an international community?

Are you interested in considering a long-term commitment focused on working among and for people experiencing chronic poverty?

Then ATD Fourth World might be the right fit for you!


To find out more about volunteering in your area, please send an e-mail indicating your name and the city and state you live in. Please add a little bit about yourself and what has attracted you to ATD Fourth World. Inquiries should be sent to nationalcenter@4thworldmovement.org