Tapori is a worldwide network of children whose motto is: “We want all children to have the same chances.” They work together to make this hope a reality.

Here’s what kids tell Tapori:

“Tapori helps kids say things that are important.”

“Thanks to Tapori, children get to know each other, even if they don’t speak the same language.”

“Tapori is a word you can say in any language.”

“Tapori is like a friend.”

“Tapori is a bridge between all children.”

“Now that I know Tapori, I think I’m lucky to have everything I do.”

Katia, one of the children who is part of the movement in New York, worked with Tapori to tell a story about what her life is like. You can find it online here.

To learn more about Tapori or about how you can be involved, visit their website, Tapori.org