Unleashing Hidden Potential

Unleashing Hidden PotentialThe Unleashing Hidden Potential Seminar brought together parents, classroom teachers, community workers, university professors of education and sociology, and full-time ATD Fourth World Movement volunteers with the goal of creating a forum to share ideas and to better understand each other’s perspective on education. ATD Fourth World is committed to fighting poverty and social exclusion, and encourages partnership between parents and teachers to help children succeed in school. We conducted preparation workshops, interviews, and meetings to allow all participants to confront their understanding about education and to be recognized as having one of the keys to ensuring a positive learning experience for all children.

To continue and expand the dialogue started at the UHP seminar, the Fourth World Movement is producing an interactive CD-ROM that incorporates the discussions, questions, and true stories shared by seminar participants. In presenting the insights of the unique group of participants, the UHP CD-ROM can provide a training tool for future and current teachers and promote dialogue among parent groups, teacher trainers, and community workers.