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The New York United Nations team strives to ensure that the voices and knowledge of people living in poverty are taken into account in the United Nations – particularly in the forming of policies, programs, and agendas that directly and indirectly affect those individuals living in poverty.  A unique characteristic of our organization is that all of the policies for  which we advocate at the United Nations are directly developed through dialogues with people living in poverty, allowing them to meaningfully contribute to our advocacy work. All of our actions in approaching poverty eradication come from a human-rights perspective, which we believe is essential to overcoming poverty.

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The Sustainable Development Goals Human Rights October 17 Social Protection Commission For Social Development

Reports you may be interested in

  • Find the Response to the Outcome of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development here.
  • Read our response to the Secretary General‘s Synthesis Report here.
  • Read our responses to the proposed indicators by the UN Statistical Commission. The short version is here and the long version is here.
  • Find our response to the proposed indicators by the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) here.
  • Read the final report of the three year Participatory Research Project, “Challenge 2015: Towards Sustainable Development that Leaves No One Behind.”

For more information on what other teams are doing around the world, check out the international site for ATD Fourth World and please check out our video blog, Unheard Voices, which looks at how people of all walks of life are working together towards social cohesion and an inclusive society.

“Someone who has never experienced the destitution of extreme poverty cannot even pretend to know what it’s like.” – Jean Deine, Senegal